Trauma Counseling For Adolescent Victims Of Insurgency And Insecurity In Southern Kaduna



The spate of insurgency and insecurity in southern Kaduna is alarming and imposing a serious trauma on the populace especially on the adolescents.  This is a topical issue that has implication for counselling and psychotherapy. The study therefore investigated the instigators of trauma; the level of trauma among the adolescents and its effect on their academics. It also tried to ameliorate the effect of the trauma using the ABC model of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with the aim to gain behaviour change for the activating events of the trauma among the adolescents. A cross-section survey research design was adopted for the study with a sample of 148 adolescents from Kajuru LGA. Three research questions guided the study. A 25 item research questionnaire constructed by the researchers was employed to collect data for the survey study. The questionnaire consisted of four sections, two sections rated on the modified 4 point Likert scale. The data obtained from the respondents were analyzed with frequency counts and percentages. The Findings indicated the major trauma instigators, high level of trauma at 77.7% among the adolescents and the effect has a high percentage of more than 70%. Cognitive Behavioural therapy was delineated to challenge their irrational thoughts and fears. Based on the findings, we recommended that more trained counsellor should be employed in the area to work on the adolescents towards their emotional development.




  • Uchenna Eucharia Enem (Ph.D)
    Educational Foundations, Veritas University, Abuja
  • Bahago Samaila Benedict (Ph.D)
    Educational Foundations, Veritas University, Abuja
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