The Relevance Of Acceptance And Commitment Therapy (ACT) In The Treatment Of Emotional Numbing Among The Adolescents: A Narrative Review



The issue of emotional numbing is a serious emotional challenge among the adolescents
and which is greatly impacting on them negatively and sometimes goes unnoticed until
the damage is done. The study explored the concept of emotional numbing, its symptoms
and the causes for a clear understanding of the phenomenon. It also examined the
Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), its core processes as a suitable therapeutic
property to resolve the emotional problem of the adolescents who go through such pain.
The ACT is a process and mindfulness model which promotes psychological flexibility
through fostering openness, awareness and engagement as illustrated in its six core
processes. It was observed that the ACT promotes emotional awareness through the
functions of the six core processes of the ACT model and as a result, could be adopted to
manage the challenges of emotional numbing among the adolescents. The researchers
therefore recommend that the therapists identify such adolescents in the schools and
address their issues with the ACT model.


Uchenna E. Enem
Educational Foundations, Veritas University, Abuja
Bahago Samaila
Educational Foundations, Veritas University, Abuja



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