International Journal for Psychotherapy in Africa is published by the School of Psychotherapy and Health Sciences, Okija, Nigeria, with the editorial policy to address issues that border on people’s psychological health and psychotherapy in African. The journal publishes contributions that advance the frontier of knowledge in psychotherapy in Africa, submitted by trained psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and other scholars from related disciplines, whose research works and practical experience unraveled new knowledge in the area of psychotherapy in Africa.

The emphasis for the journal is on empirical papers; however, it also accepts theoretical papers, review articles, short communications and interactions containing fair commentary. Priority is given to articles that are relevant to Africa, and that address psychotherapeutic issues and methods for the enhancement of psychological wellness of Africans.
The need for psychotherapeutic intervention is very vital in many countries of Africa. In these days of corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic which locked down the whole world, the countries of Africa are least prepared to face the psychological effects of the pandemic.
They are least prepared for the needed psychotherapeutic intervention during and post COVID-19. Even now that the vaccine is out, many people in Africa are skeptical about the efficacy and reliability. The trauma, stigma, depression and other forms of psychological illhealth are still likely to take many African countries unaware. In addition to that, many of the countries are being challenged by various forms of conflict and insecurity problems like terrorism, and insurgency, kidnapping, cultism, from which many innocent individuals, families and communities are displaced of their natural residences; and are physically and mentally tormented.

In the face of these conditions, the International Journal for
Psychotherapy in African holds it as a responsibility to invite scholars to contribute their knowledge of Psychotherapeutic intervention models that will be of great help in assisting victims of this pandemic and menace. This seventh edition of the International Journal for Psychotherapy in African contains many scholarly and vibrant research articles in areas of Psychotherapy and trauma resilience,
COVID-19 pandemic, expression and control of sexual activities, gender base violence, domestic violence, substance use, suicidal ideation, religious devotion and marriage duration, sexual dysfunctions, couple/marital therapy, individual, family and group therapies,
dysfunctional families, small group versus large group psychotherapy, among others. The scholars cross-pollinated knowledge on their psychotherapy models and expressed the need for psychotherapy for mental wellness in African.

The editorial board wishes to thank all the authors of the articles and all those who helped in one way or the other to make this publication a reality.
Prof. Sylvester Ntomchukwu Madu

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