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  • Psychotherapy And Rehabilitation Of Students With Behavioural Disorders In Nigeria

    Psychotherapy And Rehabilitation Of Students With Behavioural Disorders In Nigeria


    Research into the myriad of factors that could promote mental well-being of young adults in
    the institution of higher learning would continue unabated as long as the subject matter,
    Risky behaviour remains potent to psychologists, mental health workers, and other
    significant care givers. This study evaluated the efficacy of psychotherapy and rehabilitation
    program in reducing behavioural disorders and risky lifestyle of Babcock University students
    returning from one year behavioural sanction. Eighty-Seven students (71.26% male and
    28.78% female) suspended for various violation/misconduct were asked to sign a behavioural
    contract with the consent of their parent/guardians and consequently, completed the
    Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 structured form (MMPI-2).About 75% of the
    students reported high T-score on emotional Internalizing Dysfunction EID, Thought
    Dysfunction THD, and Behavioural/External Dysfunction BXD. The students were assigned
    to two session psychotherapeutic treatment per week and three hours weekly group emotional
    competent training. At the end of the academic semester post-intervention, significant
    reduction on all measures as well as reduction in risky behaviour and high emotional
    intelligent were observed among the students. Overall, psychosocial support was found for
    the efficacy of the program. It is thus recommended that those working on young adults with
    behavioural disorders should seriously consider redemptive approach that is, psychotherapy,
    emotional fitness training and socio-spiritual reintegration.

    Nwaka, E. Promisen; Aniemeka, Onyeka O.;

    Adelakin, A.O; & Banjo, Oluwafikayomi O.

    Department of Behavioural Studies

    Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun State, Nigeria.