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  • Fantasy Behavior Scale: The Psychometric Properties

    Fantasy Behavior Scale: The Psychometric Properties


    The development of a 24-item self-report scale for measuring fantasy behavior in populations
    is described, the concept was elucidated, theories and the previous studies that are
    applicable to fantasy behavior were applied and reviewed. The study also established the
    psychometric qualities and properties of the Fantasy Behavior Scale (FBS). Series of
    analyses was used to reduce the item pool from an initial 30 items to 24 items. The result of
    the factor loading for fantasy scale shows that the items loaded into seven (7) components,
    but most of the items loaded highest on five (5) factors or components which were named as
    follows: component one (fantasy behavior),loaded 17 items (8.56); component two (control
    over fantasy behavior), loaded 3 items (2.134); component three (attitude towards fantasy
    behavior), loaded 1 item (1.71); component four (loss of touch with reality), loaded 2 items
    (1.48) and component five (defense mechanism), loaded 1 item (1.44). The resulting (FBS) is
    a 24–item scale that showed high internal consistency (α = .910) and a subsequent
    reliability of (α = .881). It also showed external validity of r = .766 (2-tailed) when
    correlated with fantasy proneness scale.

    Author: Paschal Kandilichukwu Officha

    School of Psychotherapy and Health Sciences, Okija Campus