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  • Psychotherapy And Effective Counseling In Social Casework Practice

    Psychotherapy And Effective Counseling In Social Casework Practice


    Counseling is a process in which the counselor assists the counselee to make interpretation
    of facts relating to a choice, plan, or adjustment. This assistance may take many forms such
    as educational, vocational, social, personal, emotional and moral. While psychotherapy is
    the treatment of mental illness by discussing somebody’s problems with them rather than
    giving them drugs. This paper attempts to look at how professional counseling should be
    done, the key difference between the two courses of therapeutic communication treatment
    and how do contemporary theories of counseling work with families’ adjustment and solving
    problem. The study was conducted using secondary method of data. The secondary sources
    used data from internet, newspapers and journal articles. The paper recommends the need
    for psychotherapy and counseling practice in Nigeria; for a long time, the problem of
    integration of the different ethnic groups in Nigeria may well be a problem which
    psychotherapy and counseling may help to solve.

    Authors: Martin Likeing1 and Adaka S.Sunday2

    Department of Sociology,

    Federal University Lafia, Nigeria.