Psychotherapy, Insurgency And Insecurity In The North-Eastern Region Of Nigeria


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The Boko Haram insurgency has lately introduced a terrorist dimension into the crime space in Nigeria. The trademarks of the Boko Haram are wanton destruction of lives and property with reckless abandon, through bombings, abduction and slaughtering of human beings like rams, especially in Northern Nigeria. This has created palpable fear and sense of insecurity in the polity. It is a fact that the development of any country in the world is dependent on many factors, which may fast-track or retards its growth, among which security is central. Security of lives and property plays a major role in the development of any country, as investors in any economy want to be assured of the safety of their investments. The Boko Haram attacks have led to the direct exposure of children to unimaginable violence; horrors, bombing, killings, hardship, kidnapping, diseases, and family displacement. The general objective of this study is to examine the psychotherapy, insurgency and insecurity in Nigeria. This study employs qualitative research method in which analytic approach was used to address the research questions raised. The phenomenon of insurgency in Nigeria which subsequently led to the mass population displacement in the country is no doubt unconnected to the fragile nature of state and state institutions. Theoretically, it is proven in this paper that fragile nature of Nigerian state which failed to carry out its constitutional responsibilities of providing security and welfare to citizens was largely responsible for insurgency. Special rehabilitation and trauma centres should be established, especially for women and children who have had horrible experiences during the insurgency period. Traumaexposed individuals should be given special psychological debriefing treatment to prevent and contain possible post-traumatic stress and disorder (PSTD).Porous border controls should be intensified with intelligence gathering technologies in order to halt weapons and track illegal border movements and obscured border to halt weapons and track illegal border movements and obscured border crossings through collaborative efforts of regional border security personnel.



  • Francis B. Akwash
  • Vakpa Iliya
    Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Science
    Nasarawa State University Keffi, Nasarawa State Nigeria
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