Psychological Intervention To Break The Cycle Of Violence And Accelerate Public Safety, Security And Development (With Special Reference To Africa)


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Pervasive and unrelenting violence threatens the safety and security of women and
children, present day survival and collective future of the people in various communities
and nations, across the globe. This tragic crisis has become one of the most serious
issues compelling the increasing attention of governments, at all levels, scholars in
traumatic stress studies, psychology, psychiatry, contemporary medicine, human
development, military and police administrators. Countries and communities are being
destroyed by violence. Images and accounts of violence pervade the media; it is on the
streets, homes, schools, workplaces and institutions. It has become a universal scourge
that tears at the fabric of society. In a world desperate to comprehend, address and
arrest the seemingly ever-enlarging explosion of violence and its psychological
aftermath, the Three-Dimensional Psychological Intervention Strategy (3-DPIS) Model
has been developed to explain the underlying factors that perpetuate violence in society
and the 3-DPIS Model to holistically address these factors and break the vicious circle
(Igboegwu, 2016).



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