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  • Charging/Billing In Psychotherapy In Nigeria

    Charging/Billing In Psychotherapy In Nigeria


    Unlike medical, legal, building and other professionals where billing has over the years been
    settled and practitioners and experts simply charge their clients based on laid down
    traditions, billing or charging in Psychotherapy is still seemingly a controversial issue
    among practicing clinical psychologists and psychotherapists in Nigeria. Presently billing is
    influenced by the nature of clients’ presentations or psychopathology, its duration or
    severity, the psychological tests to be involved, involvement of other health professional and
    the literacy level of the clients. Other considerations include, the location of the
    clinic/hospital, the nature of available facilities and equipment, experience, qualification and
    popularity of the clinician or psychotherapist, and relationship between the clinician and
    clients and mode of referrals. There ought to be a Nigerian acceptable uniform
    billing/charge system among Nigerian Psychotherapists and clinical Psychologists.


    Author: Nkwam C. Uwaoma

    Department of Psychology,

    Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria.