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  • Harmony Restoration Therapy: Theory And Practice

    Harmony Restoration Therapy: Theory And Practice


    One cardinal aim of all Psychotherapies is the alleviation of people’s physical and mental
    illness using psychological principles. In Nigeria and other African countries, there have
    cravings for the indigenization of psychotherapy in order to make it relevant to Africans.
    Harmony Restoration Therapy developed by Ebigbo (1995) is one of the outcomes of such
    yearnings for Africa-culture oriented therapy. This therapy treats abnormal behaviour, by
    restoring the equilibrium in human life and living using holistic as well as eclectic
    approaches. The theory of Harmony Restoration Therapy perceives man as a component of
    three entities, namely: Endo, Meso and Exo cosmos. These three entities are inseparable and
    maintain a harmonious relationship. An abnormal person distinguished from a normal
    person when the three entities are not working, interwoven as a whole. Sanity, therefore, is
    restored when the discrepancy among the three domains is resolved and harmonious
    relationship maintained

    Peter O. Ebigbo

    Department of Psychological Medicine,

    University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria.